Personalized Ceremonies To Celebrate Your Love

Ceremony Enhancements

Making your ceremony personalized makes it more special.  Below are examples of ceremony enhancements that can be added.  Have one that isn’t listed?   Please feel free to talk with me about that during our in-person consultation.  Our goal is to make your ceremony the way you envision it to be!

Scripture Readings, Poemsrings
These can be read by a loved one or by me.   If you need some suggestions, let us know and we will be happy to share some.

We can do a blessing over the rings, over you both as a couple, over all the attendees or a combination.  These can also be done by a family member or friend.   We have a special one for blessing of the hands.

Recognition of those who are no longer with us
Weddings are of course a happy time, but if someone has lost a family member, such as a parent, grandparent, sibling or close friend, they are always in the back of your mind.   A special point during or before the ceremony can be made to recognize them, such as a lighting of a candle, putting a single rose in a vase, or just a mention of them during the ceremony.

Unity CeremoniesFlowers Surrounding White Candle – A unity ceremony represents the coming together of two into one.   A  traditional ceremony like the lighting of a unity candle is one way to express this.  Others include a sand ceremony (couple pours different color sand into a single jar), water ceremony (couple pours different color water into one glass), tree ceremony (couple plants a tree), salt ceremony (couple pours different colored salt into a single jar), pebble ceremony or a rose ceremony (bride’s family gives rose to groom and vice versa or bride and groom give a rose to each other’s family.)  Hand fasting (which is where the phrase “tying the knot” comes from) is also something we are familiar with.

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