Personalized Ceremonies To Celebrate Your Love


PS I Love You Ceremonies is built on love.   I, Pamela Swider, am an ordained wedding officiant that is open, easy to work with, and maybe most

me entering sara frankimportant to you, calm in the chaos.   When my brother asked me to be the officiant for his wedding several years ago, at first I was a little shocked.  But then when he said I would appreciate the touch that you can bring to it, I proudly agreed.

Afterwards,  I received many compliments about how the ceremony went and everyone said to me that I should seriously think about doing this professionally.   So PS I Love You Ceremonies was born. Now, after over 5 years and over 200 happy couples married, I can bring this same special touch to your special day.

I know there are a lot of people out there who are able to proceed over the services.   What I bring to you are my years of event planning experiences.  I have been involved in many weddings as well, including 2 of my own.    I am open to performing a variety of ceremonies, including Civil (non religious), Christian, mixed religions, same-sex,  and spiritual ceremonies and renewal of vows.  I am able to service the 50 mile radius of Ferndale, MI (just north of Detroit).   If your location is farther than that, it is possible arrangements can be made.

With my years of event planning and involvement in weddings, I can assist you with coordination of the ceremony, including writing, etiquette questions, provide advice, and help at the rehearsal.  See the packages section for more details on what I am able to provide.

While marriage is a legal agreement, the wedding is the time where you stand before those who are most important to you and make the promise to be committed to one another and to work together as partners.  I believe that the more personal you can make your wedding, the more memorable it will be for you and for your guests.

I also must mention having gone through a divorce, and then learning from that and finding a wonderful man who works with me to make our marriage work, I know how important this day is to you.   I will be available for questions, concerns and help you make you day as beautiful and stress free as it can be.

My husband Tom is also an ordained officiant.   Tom has years of public speaking and shares the same values that I do about how important it is to work closely with you to make this day special.  He is my back up in case of emergency or if a couple would prefer a male officiant.  If you are interested in working with Tom in lieu of me, just let me know when you contact us.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope that I can be part of your special day.

Congratulations on starting your exciting life together,

Rev. Pamela Swider

 My husband, Tom and I doing our volunteer work!

Tom and I