Personalized Ceremonies To Celebrate Your Love



This is a quick description of the type of ceremonies we perform.  For information on pricing and what my packages include, please go to my Packages page.

Custom Ceremony

This type of ceremony focuses on the joining of two hearts, filled with love and wanting to make that promise to stay committed to one another in front of their loved ones, whether it be 2 or 200.  This can be completely secular or include religious or spiritual pieces.  We work with you to create a ceremony that reflects you both as as individuals and as a couple.

Traditional and Contemporary Christian Ceremony

This ceremony celebrates the love of the two of you joining together, and also reflects religious overtones with prayers, scripture readings and blessings that you would like to include.

Same-Sex Ceremony 

Love is love and beautiful no matter who you are.   We very open to joining same-sex couples who want to spend their lives together.

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Ceremony Enhancements

Want to add a unity ceremony, remember loved ones, have someone do a special reading?  We love to include these in my ceremonies. Click here to find more ideas.

Families coming together

We can work with you to include children and other family members (even dogs) into your special day.

Renewal of Vows

Do you have a special anniversary coming up?   Have you come back together after hitting a rough spot and want to celebrate your re-commitment to one another?  Need an excuse to throw a party?  We can work together to create a special moment for the both of you  to declare again your commitment to one another.